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Certain aromas in wine are not desired - namely so-called off-flavors, which can arise during the production of wine and are considered wine faults. Sensory, they are usually noticeable as pronounced chemical aromas, but often also have a strong animal or vegetable character. The ability to recognize off-flavors and thus wine faults completes the art of wine tasting. Gain more security when tasting wine and never drink faulty wines again. The AROMABAR SENSORIC BOX of bad scents makes it possible.

  1. · Cork
  2. teal
  3. · Atypical aged tone
  4. · Onion
  5. · Lactic clay
  6. · Lovage
  7. · Vinegar bite
  8. · Glue
  9. · Horse sweat
  10. · Sulfur
  11. · Green tone
  12. · Cauliflower

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