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Dear connoisseurs,


It is true that love goes through the stomach - but first it has to pass through the nose!

What we enjoy - consciously or unconsciously - with every breath, is examined by our nose, checked, classified as 'good or bad', 'friend or foe'. With the sense of smell, the nose contains the oldest sense of all living things. However, this not only serves as a warning organ and is therefore essential for survival, but - and this is precisely why you now have your aroma bar in front of you - as an organ of pleasure.


The finer we can distinguish between scents and aromas, the more multi-faceted perception is, and the more exciting life is. Variation delectat! The joy lies in the variety. Smell training, here the aroma bar, will help you to be able to perceive and enjoy these facets more intensively - but even better: in recent years science has given us exciting insights into the so-called plasticity of the brain - the brain can and train, depending on practice and use.


That means we can train our brains, train them, and activate and use dead spots on how to define and grow a muscle by lifting weights. And now you can do that with your sense of smell. And enjoy at the same time! Have lots of fun with it.


Have fun with smell training

Prof. Dr. dr Julia Vent                

ENT doctor & biologist at the Cologne University Hospital

Uni.-Prof. dr dr Karl Bernd Hüttenbrink

Director of the ENT University Clinic in Cologne