Are they natural flavors?

Yes and no. As far as possible, we use natural flavors. In some cases, however, this is not possible because some aromas cannot be concentrated naturally (e.g. through extraction). In these cases, we use nature-identical methods.


Why do you need a SENSORIC BOXX?

If you really want to enjoy wine and get to know all of its facets, you need a good nose. And this is exactly what can be excellently trained and sensitized with the AROMABAR. The SENSORIC BOXX is an indispensable tool for wine professionals and a welcome gift for every wine lover. You can only taste good if you can smell good!


Can the aromas also be added to the wine?

Don't! The sole purpose of the bottles is to sensitize the nose to the aromas. Please do not pour into the wine, just smell it. Incidentally, these aromas are not used in the preparation of wine (as some have already suspected).


Why do the aromas smell so intense?

To make it easier for them! The clearer the aroma smells, the easier it is for you to familiarize your nose with the smell. This allows you to learn faster and make rapid progress.


How long do the flavors last?

The flavors last for several years. You only have to pay attention to two things: Please close the bottles very carefully. If you are not using the SENSORIC BOXX, please close the lid so that the bottles are protected from light. UV radiation is the quickest way to decompose the aromas.




How should I store the SENSORIC BOXX?

You can store the SENSORIC BOXX in the bookcase as normal. Please make sure that the lid of the SENSORIC BOXX always remains closed to protect the flacons from exposure to light. Under no circumstances do you have to store the AROMABAR in the cellar like your wine.


Can I drink the flavors?

No! Please only smell the flacons, but do not drink and please do not remove the leak protection on the flacons.


What flavors are there?

Each SENSORIC BOXX contains different aromas. You will find a list of flavors for each product.


who needs this

The SENSORIC BOXX is used by professionals at wine tastings and seminars. It is used by all wine lovers to sharpen their sense of smell and is a welcome and extremely popular gift.


Where can I buy this?

The easiest way is to order the SENSORIC BOXX right here on the website. You will then have them conveniently delivered to your home within a few days. But the SENSORIC BOXX can also be found in high-end specialist shops.


What do I have to consider when smelling?

As funny as it sounds, the most important thing is to unscrew the cap of the bottle and then sniff either the cap or the opened bottle. Otherwise you don't need to pay attention to anything special.