SENSORIC BOXX SMELL TRAINING SET for loss of smell or for prophylaxis

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Even after COVID-19 illness

Do you still remember the wonderful smells of your childhood? the
baked bananas from grandmother – dunes die in the wind and
Sun from the first North Sea holiday - the first school books had one
unmistakable smell.
Memories that have only been stored in the mind through the smell
. Memories and desires are awakened by scents.
Scents allow us to recognize our environment. Smell is the
only sensory stimulus directly linked to the limbic system.
The sensitive handling of our olfactory organ has increased in recent years
changed for decades. Yes, the "nose" almost eke out an inglorious one
To be there. After all, who is still intensively involved with that
"To smell"? If so, then usually only if there are unpleasant smells
Visual stimuli are brought to the fore by internet, smartphone etc
shifted. The sense of smell is the most important sense of all. He
can warn us, intoxicate us, help and enrich us with good mood.
The nose always accompanies us! We breathe more than 25,000 times a day
through the nose. Millions of scent molecules hunt through our olfactory organ.
We cannot turn off the sense of smell. But still he will
hardly intense like tasting.
But if you can't smell good, you won't taste good either.

The Boxx contains the following flavors:

Coffee, Rose, Carnation & Eucalyptus

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